Revive lawns suffering years of neglect

Lawns can suffer damage from blunt mowers, heavy foot traffic or poor general maintenance. For a greener revitalised look, our experts can provide a solution that will make your lawn the pride of your neighbourhood.


Refreshing worn and shady lawns

A customer had a lawn surrounded by mature shrubs and trees which cast shadows over the grass. In addition the young members of the family had used the lawn for football practice. Consequently the lawn was overwhelmed with moss, weeds and had heavy wear. We suggested a full scarification and reseed. Whether your lawn has heavy traffic or is dense with moss, scarification will give new life and rejuvenate your tired and worn out lawn.


Reseed - the cheaper, longer lasting alternative to new turf

A customer of our gardening services had built a new house and had a new turf lawn layed at around £8 per square meter. Within two years, the lawn was yellow and patchy with moss and thatch. We suggested a deep scarification which strips the lawn, removing moss and thatch. We then reseeded the lawn and added nutrients and fertiliser. Within 4 weeks the lawn was fully grown grass with a lush green colour. This was produced for just £3 per square meter - a fraction of the cost of turfing the lawn. We guarantee to achieve this result on any area of lawn.